A Money and Math Marvel – Personalized Gift for Age 10-15


Step into an enchanting story in which a young student embarks on a captivating journey, guided by mysterious mentors, to learn the art of managing and making money through engaging experiences while honing math skills.

This 88-page beautiful eBook can be personalized by having the main character’s name (“Emily” or “John” in the sample pages) replaced with your student’s, making it a thoughtful and motivating gift to a student in Grade 4-8!

Upon purchasing, please go to https://bookmoneysmart.com/personalize/ to provide the student’s name for personalizing the eBook.

You will receive the customized PDF of the story within 24 hours after both the payment and the personalization information are received.

You can also use this gift as a stocking stuffer – we will provide a beautiful page that you can print out (the last image in this listing) with the instruction for the student to read the personalized story online.


Introducing “A Money and Math Marvel,” a captivating tale that follows a young student on a whimsical journey guided by mysterious mentors. Dive into the enchanting world of financial literacy and math mastery as our protagonist learns the art of managing and making money through a series of engaging and motivating experiences!

What sets this innovative product apart is its ability to personalize the adventure, placing the student at the center of the story. By weaving their name into the narrative, students feel empowered as they lead the way through this immersive learning experience.

Designed for students in Grade 4 through Grade 8, “A Money and Math Marvel” not only entertains but also imparts fundamental financial literacy and strengthens mathematical abilities. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource that transforms education into an exciting quest, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable path to learning.

The benefits extend beyond the classroom. For students, this adventure is an opportunity to develop crucial life skills often overlooked in traditional education. By gaining financial literacy and mathematical proficiency, they’ll be better prepared to navigate the complexities of the modern world, setting the stage for success in their future endeavors.

For the adults in a child’s life, “A Money and Math Marvel” offers peace of mind. This product fills the void in financial education commonly found in schools, providing children with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions as they grow older. Join our hero on this transformative journey, where learning becomes an exciting and magical exploration!