Math & Reading Worksheets – Grade 7-8 – Group Licensing


We customize the worksheets for educational groups like schools, PTA/PTSA, afterschool programs. Upon receipt of your payment, we will reach out to you to discuss your customization preferences.


Table of Contents

  • Book Smart: Decimals; Money Smart: Needs and Wants
  • Book Smart: Fractions; Money Smart: Savings Goal
  • Book Smart: Linear Functions; Money Smart: Smart Shopping
  • Book Smart: Variable Expressions; Money Smart: Cash Flows and Budgeting
  • Book Smart: Solving Equations; Money Smart: Banking
  • Book Smart: Exponents; Money Smart: Deposits and Interest
  • Book Smart: Percentages; Money Smart: Investing (risks and returns)
  • Book Smart: Data & Graphs; Money Smart: Common Types of Investments
  • Book Smart: Order of Operations; Money Smart: Debit and Credit
  • Book Smart: Direct and Inverse Variation; Money Smart: Insurances¬† ¬† ¬†
  • Answer Keys

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