Math and Reading Worksheets for Grade 5-6 (Volume 1)


Personal Finance knowledge integrated in math and reading practice for kids in Grade 5 or Grade 6.

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Two PDFs included in this product:

#1. 14 pages of practice problems and knowledge about money

#2. answer key


Table of Contents

Math Worksheets with Money Lessons

  • Book Smart: Decimals (Part 1); Money Smart: Needs and Wants
  • Book Smart: Decimals (Part 2); Money Smart: Opportunity Cost
  • Book Smart: Percent (Part 1); Money Smart: Banking (Principal and Interest)
  • Book Smart: Percent (Part 2); Money Smart: Saving for Emergencies
  • Book Smart: Order of Operations (Part 1); Money Smart: Debit and Debit Cards
  • Book Smart: Order of Operations (Part 2); Money Smart: Credit Cards
  • Book Smart: Fractions; Money Smart: Investing: Risks and Returns

Reading Practice: Ray and Sylva (story)

  • Money Smart: Needs and Wants
  • Money Smart: Budget
  • Money Smart: Emergency Fund