Book Smart Money Smart Family/Group Games (Spring/Summer 2023)


In-person group games that help students apply knowledge in math and money.

Fun activities that can strengthen the relationship within the group or family. 

Great for students to do in spring, summer and winter breaks!

The StocK InvesTmenT Long-term EffectS (SKITTLES) Game:

This is a game using skittles to teach math and investing.

Book Smart: practice math kills – multiplications involving percentages, rounding of decimals to whole numbers.

Money Smart: basic knowledge about investing in stock markets – the risk of investing, and the risk of not investing.


Charades and “Elevator Pitch” Game:

This game combines the popular Charades with “Elevator Pitch”.

Book Smart: practice analytical and communication skills.

Money Smart: develop entrepreneurial and business mindset.


Spending & Budgeting Game:

Book Smart: practice math kills – addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Money Smart: helps the kids understand needs vs. wants and what makes a decision financially sound.