Book Smart Money Smart for Grade 4 – 12 Students

While there are many products and programs about financial literacy education in the market, the unique approach of our Book Smart, Money Smart™ products and services is to strengthen students’ academic performance in math and reading at the same time when educating them in managing and making money.

In 2015, the Journal of Human Resources published a study by Harvard Business School called “High School Curriculum and Financial Outcomes: The Impact of Mandated Personal Finance and Mathematics Courses”. The study had surprising findings: good financial behaviors can be taught, but “not via traditional personal finance courses”. Instead, focusing on math skills is essential:  “additional mathematics training” can facilitate “greater financial market participation, greater investment income and better credit management”.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), of which the U.S. is a member country, also concluded that “skills in mathematics and reading are very closely related to financial literacy” based on the results of its first financial literacy test held in 2014.

At Achievement One LLC, we developed Book Smart, Money Smart™ products and services based on these findings. To learn more, please go to our online store.